Winning Back Our Future...

Winning Back Our Future...

Our founders understood the importance of an educated populace.

Today, this country’s education has turned into indoctrination and consistently fails those communities who desperately need these tools to succeed: our poor and new immigrant populations.

While spending more than any country in the world on educating our young we have succeeded in condemning our inner city poor and minority populations to abysmal schools that have some of the worst outcomes in the developed world.

In Minnesota, Latino graduation rate is at 50.2% and African American is at 49%. You can donate here to help change that!

How do Minnesota public schools compare to private schools that are serving the exact same constituency?

Christo Rey is graduating 100% of its students this year and over 70% are going on to college all this while spending half as much per student as those in the public school system.

What will it take for meaningful reform?  Vouchers and School Choice.

It is immoral that we condemn these families to a failed education system while those who are denying them opportunities send their children to private institutions. Rep Champion, Sen. Hayden and Congressman Ellison all send their children to private schools while actively denying their constituency the same opportunities. Houston, we have a problem.

The problem isn’t so much that they are doing nothing about educational choice; it is that WE are doing nothing about bringing it to the attention of those who need it.

There needs to be a huge spotlight on the hypocrisy of denying these same opportunities to those who cannot afford them and yet they still ask these minorities to vote them in to keep them subjugated. It is time to call these representatives out for the Hypocrites they are. 

Last month the Center for the American Experiment sponsored Dr. Richard Hess in coordination with MLA on a discussion of Educational Choice. He met with community leaders from several communities and continued the discussion which is now ours to own and push forward.  

We can change the course of this state’s educational gaps by engaging the minority communities and advocating with them for a just and equitable system that gives them a voice for a better future for their community and for their children.

That is why MLA exists, and we need your help.

Please consider a gift to continue the work of Minority Liberty Alliance
to ensure economic and religious liberty for the next generation.

Your gift of time, energy and financial support promotes conservative values through outreach to traditional minority and NEW American communities. 
Thanks again for standing up for 
freedom as we work together.
Dan “Doc” Severson

We can and must expose the hypocrisy of elected officials claiming to help the very people they are trying to control and coerce through oppressive government restrictions.  Please continue to stand with me as we activate the NEW Majority being united through Minority Liberty Alliance. 

contribution helps us challenge or replace leaders in Washington and Minnesota on this and other critical issues. 

Thanks again for joining me in this mission!

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