Walter Hudson - Communities

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Walter Hudson - Communities

America's multi-generational minorities deserve better. For far too long, Americans of color have tolerated treatment as a dependent constituency. Trapped in an intentional cycle of subsidized poverty, and incited to fear their neighbors rather than engage in community, Americans of color endure the bigotry of low expectations and double standards. Over generations, too many have given into pressure to conform, accepting a narrative of victimhood which caps their achievement and commits them to servitude under a manipulative political class.

The Minority Liberty Alliance is a welcome alternative to dismal institutions of dependence which thrive by stagnating minorities. MLA fosters the sense of independence and thirst for freedom which fueled history's movements for civil rights and equality under the law. The organization attracts an increasing number of individuals who see themselves, not as a sample of an ethnic or racial group, but as distinct Americans entitled only to liberty.

The worth of an organization can be measured by the effect of its success upon the constituency it claims to serve. Too many groups claiming to serve minorities are actually vested in their perpetual poverty and certain failure. Fostering a culture of interracial animosity while lobbying for policies of division and metered subsidy, the success of these "progressive" institutions leaves minorities right where first found. MLA pursues real solutions, fostering a culture where community members are judged by the content of their character, vested in productive relationships, and inspired toward upward mobility.

If you stand offended by the empty promises and demeaning patronage of those institutions which minorities are expected to blindly support, join us in blazing a new trail. Join the Minority Liberty Alliance. Become from out of many one.

Message From Doc

  • Message From Doc

    I want to take a moment to tell you why we think you and your community will benefit from our relationship. It is about the American Dream and keeping that dream alive. Our vision is to partner with you to get engaged in your government at every level. By showing you how to be an effective citizen we hope to make the government work for you and keep you from being a slave to government.

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