Minority Liberty Alliance’s vision is to become a national movement that will make changes that matter to all minority communities. We do this by educating, training, organizing and empowering individuals to lead in their local communities by building dynamic conservative coalitions that reach across state and nation to engage people in public action.

At our core, we are patriotic community organizers. This means investing in people as leaders training them to take bold risks to stand up for the kind of state and country we believe in and who mobilize others around these beliefs.

MLA seeks to take action through aggressive, compassionate outreach to minority communities encouraging membership in MLA and policy discussions that promote individual liberty and free market principles. MLA seeks to build the power and influence of local minority communities and create new opportunities for individual leadership by breaking down economic, social and cultural barriers. We are aggressive, and intentional in building relationships of trust with individuals and organizations from various communities to promote individual liberty, build strong small businesses through understanding the value of free market principles, educational choice, and unrestricted opportunities provided by limited government influence.

Minority Liberty Alliance will mobilize minority community leaders and individuals to a greater understanding of founding principles that promote individual freedom, liberty and opportunity. For the purpose of:

Educating minority communities on our nation's founding principles

Recruiting and training new leaders who represent and will mobilize their communities;

Influencing and shaping the public debate;

Building mutually accountable partnerships with elected officials;

Leading efforts to win bold issue campaigns;

Winning elections for MLA endorsed candidates who represent our conservative values.

Creating alliances through the networking and partnership of diverse conservative organizations and individuals, Minority Liberty Alliance achieves significant change. Change that moves us from the world of strong government oppression that we know today, closer to a return to our nation’s founding principles of liberty and freedom for all.

Minority Liberty Alliance's roster of legal entities will include a 501(c)4 and the Minority Liberty Institute—a charitable 501(c)3. IRS status is pending.

Join the Movement! Take action to expand our conservative base!

Join the Movement! Take action to expand our conservative base!

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